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Fine Arts Building
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Portland, OR 97205



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My name is Andrew Smith, and I am a licensed massage therapist.  People call me often and ask, "Is this 'The Massage Place'"?  No, it is not.   I am not sure where that business is, but the name of my business is "Massage Maestro" and the second word in the name is pronounced like 'my-stro' (here are some links to hear the pronounciation: Emma Saying, Oxford Dictionary, and Cambridge Dictionary).  The word maestro comes from the Roman-based (Romance) languages.  In Italian, maestro means 'master'.  In Spanish, maestro means 'teacher'.  Now you know.  


Swedish and deep tissue massage for relaxation and pain relief, hydrotherapy (hot/ cold compress applications), & aromatherapy.



1/2 hour

$ 30


1 hour

$ 60





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      debit/ credit cards accepted                    


by appointment only

  Mo - Th: 4pm - 8pm                    

Fri: 4pm - 6pm


Sat - Sun: CLOSED

  Holidays: CLOSED                    


Fine Arts Building
1017 S.W. Morrison St.
Portland, OR 97205



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Chiropractic Demo:

For those clients who wonder what chiropractic is all about when I refer you to one, here is a good sample video describing chiropractic and what a good treatment looks like:


You play an important role in the design of your massage therapy session by openly stating your goals and giving constructive critique during the session to ensure your needs are met.  If you change your mind within the first 15 minutes of the session, no charges will incur (i.e. incurred session will be complimentary).


Scope of Practice
Massage therapy sessions are primarily designed for stress reduction, relaxation, relief from muscular tension, and for enhancing circulation.  Sessions are on a professional therapeutic basis, and not a substitute for medical examinations or treatment.  It is not used to diagnose illness, disease, physical/ mental disorder, or to perform any spinal manipulation.  It is recommended that you see a physician for any physical ailment you may have.


Cancellation Policy
You are expected to make all appointments as scheduled.  If you must cancel or reschedule your appointment, please do so promptly.  Any "No Show" (negating obligation without a 24 hour minimum notice) may result in billing.  By reserving an appointment, you understand and voluntarily agree to pay financial reimbursement for any lost time due to failed 24 hour minimum cancellation regardless of cause or circumstance.


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